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Simply Beautiful iPhone Wallpapers

We dedicated to deliver you the best, high quality and most beautiful iPhone wallpapers. All the wallpapers are perfectly suit for your iPhone, iPhone4, iPhone4s and iTouch, we update daily while maintain the highest quality on the internet.

How to Download and install iphone wallpapers from

Download from your iphone or ipod touch

It’s very easy and simple to get your wallpaper setup directly from your iphone.

1. Use your iphone’s browser(safari) visit, then chose the iphone wallpaper you like, click the image or the “download” button.

iphone wallpaper setup step1

iphone wallpaper setup step02

2. Now the full size iphone wallpaper popup in a new page, hold your finger on the image for 3 seconds, you will see option buttons come up from the bottom, click “Save Image” button. now the iphone wallpaper has been saved into your photo albums under Camera Roll.

iphone wallpaper setup step03

3.Chose the iphone wallpaper you just downloaded, click the left bottom icon to call the options, then chose “Use as Wallpaper”, then “Set”, your choice of set as lock screen, home screen or both. Now your iphone wallpaper has been setup. check it out at your iphone home page, pretty nice isn’t it ?!

iphone wallpaper setup step04

iphone wallpaper setup step05

iphone wallpaper setup step06

iphone wallpaper setup step07

iphone wallpaper setup step08

iphone wallpaper setup step09

Download from your PC or iMac

You will need to download the iphone wallpaper first and then synchronize to your iphone

1. Visit in a browser, chose the iphone wallpaper you like, then click the image or the ” Download” Button.

iphone wallpaper setup pc step01

iphone wallpaper setup pc step02

2.The full size iphone wallpaper will open in a new page, right click the iphone wallpaper and save it to the folder which will be synchronized with your iphone photo album(be aware that it will erase the photos you already have in your iphone if you don’t have it in that folder)

iphone wallpaper setup pc step04

3. Now synchronize your iphone and computer using iTune, once it’s done, you should be able to see the iphone wallpaper you just downloaded has been synchronized to the photo album in your iphone.

iphone wallpaper setup pc step05

4, Follow the step 3 as above applied for download from iphone, it’s the same instruction from there.

Happy downloading from iphone, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us by click here, thanks~!